Air Freight Services

When time is of the essence, we transport your cargo by air. Alpha Projects & Logistics applies the same unique approach to air freight as for all our other areas of business: we provide our customers with fast and reliable service to transport cargo from any origin to any destination in the world.  

Alpha Projects & Logistics operates with air freight consolidation hubs at strategic locations around the globe. 



We offer all kind of air freight solutions to find the most suitable combination of delivery time, routing and cost for each customer. 


We can arrange for economical solutions ensures maximum cost savings through consolidation, suitable for price-sensitive commodities with a longer transit time, average seven days door-to-door. 



When time is of the essence, Alpha Projects & Logistics also has the right solution. We find the if not direct then the fastest flight routes and schedule the earliest possible departures to reduce transit times, relying on Cargo 2000 (C2K) member airlines. 



We also provide premium service to meet critical deadlines, with guaranteed fastest transit time, including express service products, aircraft chartering and on-board courier/hand-carry solutions. 

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