Transport Consultancy Services

We have gained experience and knowledge in the shipping, transport and logistic industry since 1985. We know that you can save a lot of money, time and avoid problems by getting the correct transportation guidance for export and import of your shipment. The key is to get the right guidance and choose correct INCOTERMS taken the cargo specification, mode of transportation and time frame into consideration.

We are very pleased to offer the following services:

Transport Consultancy:

We guide you to decide the most suitable and appropriate mode of transportation taken cargo specification, commodity and time frame into consideration.

We will evaluate and present you with the most suitable and cost-efficient transport solution whether the cargo is to be shipped by air, road, rail or sea.

INCOTERMS (Terms of delivery):

We guide you as seller or buyer to choose the right INCOTERMS (Terms of delivery) taken the mode of transportation, place of origin, place of destination and time frame into consideration.

It can cost a lot of money and delay in the shipping if you choose the wrong INCOTERMS.

Transport documents:

Avoid misunderstanding and delay due to wrongly issued transport document. We guide you to choose the most suitable transport document, subject to Air, Sea and other transportation. Not least for negotiation of Letter of Credit.

Consultancy in Export and Import documentation:

We advise you on correct issuance of Commercial Invoices, Packing Lists and Certification, if required, to avoid any problems with Export Customs Formalities as well as Import Customs Formalities. The required documentation depends on the country, commodity and routing.

Consultancy in Letter of Credit:

We guide you on which kind of transportation document is the most suitable for your Letter of Credit. A correct transport documents is crucial for a smooth process with the expedition of your Letter of Credit. Delay and extra costs often occur due to inappropriate conditions written in the Letter of Credit.

Consultancy in mode of transportation:

We will guide you in the most appropriate mode of transportation. The method of transportation to be decided based on cargo specification, urgency, transit time, transshipping, routing. Airfreight is more expensive compared with Seafreight as the transit time is usually much longer with seafreight. Airfreight is used for shipping of urgent cargo

Consultancy in using most cost-efficient transport route:

We guide you to choose the most cost-efficient transport route, subject to the mode of transportation and delivery time taken into consideration

Consultancy in packing of shipment:

We will guide you to choose the correct packing of your materials whether to ship by sea, air, truck including hazardous shipments. All subject to the kind of materials, whether to be shipped by sea conventional or FCL, whether cargo must be stored at open jobsite at destination. A correct packing also prevents damages to the cargo and theft

Consultancy in Cargo Insurance:

We guide you to choose the appropriate Cargo Insurance subject to method of transportation, commodity, packing, transshipping points and routing. It can be costly if any damage occur on the materials and the cargo insurance premium is insufficient.

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